CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS

As you train at G2 Management, you will learn that the Entertainment Industry is much larger than you know. Given the right training, many opportunities and unique careers are accessible to you. Some of those opportunities are right in your own backyard.

G2 offers a wide range of programs and workshops to help you perfect your technique, your image and to help you obtain a better understanding of how the industry works and what YOU need to be more marketable.


12 Week Program     $500.00         Ages 5yrs and over
Program covers:  Auditions skills, Cold Reading, Scene Study(working with partners) Improvisation, Character and Role Breakdown, Script Analysis, Listening Skills and Reacting.  Dramatic and Comedic Monologues, Commercials and Characters,  On camera participation and filming of Monologues and Scenes.

All levels of classes available:          Beginner - Intermediate and Advanced

G2's professional and caring coaches are here to advise and help you through the good and bad times, when you are experiencing success and especially when you are not.  

The hardest thing to accomplish, is getting an interview with an Agent.  Most people don't even know the difference between an Agent and a Manager, but you will learn the important differences  and be trained and ready for that first crucial audition. 

  The Entertainment Business depends on new faces and new talents.

G2 will teach you what it takes to be successful through training and practice.

It's up to you to do the work.